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We’ve presumably completely woken at some point in our lives with a pain in our necks, either from difficult exercises during the day, how we dozed, injury, or other ongoing reasons. One of the big causes of such pains is the wrong type of mattress and pillow. Whatever the explanation, it is never a pleasant feeling to wake up with pain in the neck. For further details on mattress suitable for side sleepers experiencing neck pain, go to this linkĀ

Not exclusively is neck pain troublesome, since our necks support the head and are the path for your spinal segment, neck care is necessary and vital for the overall health of our body. Neck pain can further lead to pain in the shoulder and back which can put a person in an uncomfortable state.

What Causes Neck Pain in Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers who usually experience neck pain are probably sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. A soft mattress can put the whole body into an unnatural position, and firm beddings are totally uncomfortable as they disturb the proper alignment of the spine. Such mattresses are the most common causes of neck pain in side sleepers. Sleeping with the wrong posture on the wrong type of mattress can put you in pain, especially neck pain.

Mattresses Suitable For Side Sleepers with Neck Pain:

Side sleepers experiencing neck pain really need a mattress that can make them get rid of all the disturbances throughout the night. There are few types of mattresses a side sleeper can look into before buying one for themselves.

1- Latex Foam Mattress 

Mattress with contouring property provides medium firmness to put a body into a comfortable position without putting unnecessary pressures on the joint.

2- Memory Foam Mattress 

A mattress with multiple layers to provide medium firmness and a comfortable experience. It is a popular demand for side sleepers as its comfort dozes them off into a deep sleep.

3- Innerspring and Hybrid Mattress 

Though this mattress is affordable than the rest yet it provides all the comfort. Its springs and multiple layers of foam provide medium firmness.

A side sleeper who is looking for a good mattress can choose any of the above options as they provide the ideal medium firmness.

Best value:

A good mattress provides all the demanding qualities at an affordable price. A bedding that is not too soft or firm, relatively medium-firm is ideal for side sleepers as the soft mattress can make your body go into a poor position at night. A firm mattress also makes your spine drop out of its proper alignment, causing pain, especially in the neck.


Who doesn’t want a good quality sleep without any pain or disturbance. A good mattress at an affordable price is what is necessary for having a good, relaxing time at night. A good mattress does not only helps putting you in good sleep but also takes care of the overall health. Many companies provide sleep trials, do avail such trials to get the best available option for yourself.